“Every Day with William Barclay” William Barclay – Reading for 19 April

Bloggers note: The Easter message, one of hope and promise, is very important to those of the Christian faith, but surely it can be a message for all of us during these strange times. I have really settled into the routine calling my elderly friend each week and sharing a reading with her. It is doing us both a lot of good. 

“Every Day with William Barclay”   William Barclay – Reading for 19 April


There are those whose one ability in life is to find fault.

They have eyes which are focussed to find fault, and tongues which are tuned to criticise. The strange thing is that they consistently concentrate on what a man has not done, and forget everything that he has done. If on any occasion he has made a mistake, they never forget it, and they will never allow him to forget it either.

But no one in his senses should resent criticism.

The aim of criticism should always be to encourage a man to do better. The last thing that criticism should ever do is so to discourage a man that he has no heart to try again at all.

Criticise by all means – but criticise with love. 

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