QUO VADIS? – Reading for 2 May

Bloggers note: The word for the week has to be “drear”. My lovely Aunty Hazel introduced me to this word of Scottish origin and with the cold, the drizzle, the greyness over the last few days, we can surely agree with her that is “has been a drear week”.

“Every Day with William Barclay” William Barclay – Reading for 2 May


Where are you going? That could be the most important question in life.
Where are you going if you are young? Where are you going in your studies? Are you studying in such a way that you will make yourself the kind of person for whom life will be a series of open doors: or are you studying in such a way that life cannot be anything other than a series of dead-end jobs?

Where are you going in your interests and your hobbies? Are you giving your interest to things which are such that they will last for a lifetime, or are you giving it entirely to things that you are bound to grow out of, and in which there is necessarily a diminishing satisfaction?
Where are you going in your friendships? Are they such as to enrich life, or are they such as to surround life with risk?
It is essential to start out in the right direction. When you are young, the question, “Where are you going?” is very important indeed.

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