KEEPING IT REAL – Reading for 10 May

Bloggers note: It is easy to imagine a mother writing the reading this week, and it will also be an “easy” read for mothers – in the difficult year 2020. More from that great little book about Mary McKillop. Happy Mother’s Day.

“Little Brown Book Too” S and L Kane – Reading for 10 May

When our son Tim was a little baby, we bought a plastic measuring jug for his formula. Fresh to parenthood, we wanted to get things ‘right’ and we diligently mixed and measured. We were so keen to nurture this new little life that had been entrusted to us. Because it helped us so well in our new role, the jug became one of our favourite things. Then our second son Chris came along, and once again our jug rose to the occasion. As the babies became toddlers, it turned into a toy that could be happily banged against any surface without breaking.

Today however, it’s a bit the worse for wear. It now has no handle, and there’s a chunk missing from its rim. We find it handy as an ‘ironing’ jug, a pot plant waterer, and for many other domestic chores.

It’s one item we could never throw away.

Our jug holds as many memories of family love and the small moments that have made us who weare. It speaks of the sacredness of the ordinary, of the many ways that grace comes into our world. It helps us “look back a little and see what God has done for us” (1880).

Mary McKillop, who has been described as ‘A Saint of Ordinariness’ would understand why the little jug means so much.

“Let us thank God we are as we are”


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