Bloggers note: The weekly readings I have been sharing with my friend and posting on this Blog, have covered many varied topics and have not really followed a pre-set course. I have been intrigued some weeks, where the “right” reading has jumped out of the pages of a book and been passed on and discussed in our Sunday morning phone calls. This week, my dear friend is in hospital and I will miss our conversation. I am worried about her, as she is in her nineties, and it was hard to find a reading that made sense of how I am feeling.

“The Little Brown Book Too” Leo Kane on Mary MacKillop – Reading 21 June

Catching a wave back to the shore ………………

I can still remember from surfing days, what it’s like to be caught in a rip. I had enough sense then to know what not to do. You can’t fight against a rip. You just lose your energy. There is no choice but to trust. Not easy to do, but essential. You relax, and allow the rip to take you out even further than you intended. The rip will eventually bring you back to the security of the sand.

We’re all caught at times in the overwhelming rip of life. Mary MacKillop certainly was. “Look back a little and see what God has done for us. See what dangers threatened, what trials had to be undergone. He is near when danger threatens.” (1881)

It’s not easy to trust spontaneously as Mary MacKillop did. As babies and young children we did so quite naturally. Trust gets a battering as we grow up. We begin to learn suspicion and mistrust. Mary MacKillop in her words, encourages us to try to face the adventures of life, like a little child, in trust, clinging to God’s love and grace.

“Have courage, we are in His hands” (1872)

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