GIFTS – Reading for 28 June

Bloggers Note: Some of you are aware that I have been amateurishly trying to write – an on and off indulgence as I face the reality that I am just a pretty small cog in a huge world of talented scribes. I got all excited about doing a blog and have been helped along the way as I struggled to master the intricate technology paths that frustrate and hinder my creativity. The wheels seem to have fallen off lately and this week my “post” is winging its way through cyber space looking for somewhere to land. My apologies, but this is the best I can do under the circumstances. My dear elderly friend is still hospitalised, but I wanted to stick to my commitment of sharing a “reading” each Sunday morning.

READING for week 28 June. – LJ Allan

Gifts ……..

I look at all the happiness

Nature and wondrous humanity

Thank you God for your gifts of love …

Of health and friendship and sanity.

I look at all the joy

I see the stars and sky

Thank you God for your gifts of love …

Such gifts can never die.

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